Who is Rajiv Parti, MD?

My Background

Dr. Raj Parti in scrubs before his NDEAfter years of enjoying great success in my career as a Pain Management Specialist and Cardiac Anesthesiologist, I was very focused on the material, worldly effects of financial rewards. I had a big house, luxury cars, and the best of everything!

But several years ago, I had a profound near-death experience (NDE) during surgery that led to a personal spiritual awakening. It transformed my life forever. I wrote about my experiences in my bestselling book “Dying to Wake Up.” It gave me a rare glimpse into heaven, hell, and previous lives as well as learning about the seven basic truths to health which lead me on a healing journey.

I am currently working toward my Physician Executive MBA. My goal is to bring Servant-Leadership, Spiritual Intelligence and Consciousness Based Healing to Healthcare.

Credentials and Training

  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor
  • Mind-Body Medicine Expert
  • Certified as a Coach
  • Chief of Anesthesiology, Bakersfield Heart Hospital
  • Founder and Medical Director Pain Institute of California
  • Board Certified Pain Medicine and Anesthesiologist 

Certified Partners

My NDE Journey

I have been certified to teach/train by the following partners.

certifiend Chopra center instructor
certified performance coaching
Mars Venus Coaching