What is Consciousness Based Healing (CBH)

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Consciousness based medicine is the most effective way of healing “diseases of the soul;” stress, over weight, chronic pain, addiction, and depression.

In my near death experience, the angels gave me the seven basic truths of consciousness based medicine. Simple yet powerful.  I used these truths to develop a new type of holistic medicine, Consciousness Based Healing (CBH).

Teaching these truths have become my life’s purpose, my dharma, and I have to say it is very satisfying. Where I used to put people to sleep as an anesthesiologist, I now wake them up by using this spiritual medicine that combines Western and Eastern practices with meditation and other conscious disciplines to access the healing forces in the universe.

The beings I met on the other side gave me information that transformed my life and gave me new purpose. Now my goal is to practice these truths they taught me, a form of medicine that focuses on the mantra “Forgive, Love and Heal.” It is based on seven eternal truths they revealed to me:


  • 1. Consciousness exists outside of the body.
  • 2. There is life after death.
  • 3. We have past lives and our experiences therein can shape our current realities.
  • 4. We are all connected to each other because we are all made of the one and same energy that manifests as differentiated matter.
  • 5. Divine beings exist to help and guide us.
  • 6. There are different levels of consciousness.
  • 7. There is one, all-pervading, supreme love and intelligence that is the source of the entire universe, and that love is the supreme source of creation.
I also believe that we all have spirit guides and the ability to communicate with them. One doesn’t need to die to tap into the spiritual power of the universe, only become versed in a more consciousness-based lifestyle.


How CBH works

How CBH works with Western Medicine