Are you tired of suffering with chronic pain and seeing no results from treatment?

How many lifestyle, work and relationship problems has your pain caused?

Are you ready to become proactive and regain control of your life?

Rajiv Parti, MD

Chronic pain or illness can be a slippery slope. One false move can spell disaster.

The collateral consequences of chronic pain and illness are proven to affect people physically, mentally, psycho-emotionally, socially and vocationally. In fact, there is not a single aspect of life that is not generally affected by enduring pain or lasting illness.

Luckily, science has also proven to us that our states of happiness or misery do not depend on how serious your illness is or how painful or debilitating your symptoms are. People can thrive despite the worst ailments, but it is certainly not an easy task to accomplish for most of us.

What would you attempt to do if you knew that you would not any pain?

I was founder and medical director of Pain Institute of California. Currently am a Pain Management Hypnotherapist and Coach.  I am here for you, to gently guide you to healing the pain of the past so that you can thrive again!

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Success Stories

“I never realized how ‘stuck’ I was until I started my coaching sessions with Dr. Raj. Since we started our talks I can feel myself more energized and clear about my goals. He has given me the tools to focus my energy into areas that I was not paying attention to before. My life has changed. I am more productive, my relationships have improved and my overall view of life and goals is very Positive.”  ~Gabriela V., Mexico 

“The last year I lost my focus on my professional & personnel life. Daily walking numb and drained of all energy. I answered Dr. Partis’ e-mail for a consultation. What a difference few weeks can make! I am so amazed at the change in myself. Waking up early, increased energy, smiling and laughing. I don’t know how to thank Dr. Parti enough. My family and friends are in awe! They can see the difference and most importantly I can feel the difference.” ~Lynette F, Florida


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My Story became one of Peace, Transcendence, and Grace.
But it didn't start out that way...

My near death experience is unforgettable. When I want to re-live it I can take a deep breath, close my eyes, and I am right back there, hovering over my body in the operating room as the surgeons work feverishly to save my life. The beings I met and the experiences I had transformed my life. It gave me a  new direction.  I was told… “Now it is your time to heal the diseases of the soul: addiction, depression, chronic pain and cancer.”

I have left the practice of anesthesiology and am living my beliefs. Now my goal is to practice the consciousness-based coaching, a form of medicine that focuses on the mantra “Forgive, Love and Heal.” It is based on seven eternal truths as revealed to me. Now, I coach people needing pain management, tour extensively telling my story to interested audiences, holding workshops to demonstrate methods of healing and writing books.

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