Medical Disclaimer

Hypnotherapy is unlicensed, non-clinical and addresses a client’s non-mental health needs. The services offered by Rajiv Parti, MD are alternative or complementary to healing arts services that are licensed by California. These services involve supportive questions and action steps toward agreed upon goals, as defined by you, the client.

Dr. Rajiv Parti received training through the Coaches Training Institute and High Performance Institute. Notwithstanding these credentials, Dr. Rajiv Parti is not licensed by the State of California as a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker, or professional clinical counselor and is not currently practicing clinical medicine. His medical license is inactive in status.

Dr. Rajiv Parti does not offer medical, psychological, psycho-therapeutic or professional clinical counseling services. Dr. Rajiv Parti does not assess mental health and does not employ counseling interventions, psycho-therapeutic techniques, or other methods that would require a license.

Services offered by Dr. Rajiv Parti do not replace medical care by a physician or replace care for emotional or mental health issues by a licensed mental health care provider. The services provided by Dr. Rajiv Parti are not licensed by the State of California. If I have a psychiatric condition or need medication, I will contact my primary care or other appropriate licensed health care provider. Dr. Parti may refer me to other providers or may refuse to provide services if he believes that I should see a licensed health care professional regarding my condition.

Dr. Rajiv Parti makes no promises, claims, representations or guarantees regarding results.

Coach Commitment

Dr. Rajiv Parti promises to co-create a partnership with you, with the intention of supporting your desired outcomes. Throughout your working relationship, you will continue to engage in very direct and personal conversations. You can count on Dr. Rajiv Parti to be honest and straightforward, asking questions and making requests. The purpose of your interactions is to forward your own life action and to deepen your learning.

Client Commitment

It is agreed that the client is fully responsible for his or her well-being during the coaching sessions, including his or her choices and decisions. He or she is directly responsible for any outcomes achieved or not achieved and Dr. Rajiv Parti is not liable for your specific outcomes.

You, the client, firmly understand that only you can grant power to the coaching relationship and you agree to do just that. When you feel that the coaching is not working as desired, you agree to communicate and take action to once again return the power to the coaching relationship.