Past Life Regression Healing through Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a way to access and work with the unconscious motives and behavior/thinking patterns that are influencing present lifetime experiences. Healing your Past Lives will help you move forward in this lifetime to a brighter future.   

Life Coaching as a part of Past Life Regression Healing for:

Traumas — Release fear and anxiety
Phobias — From past life deaths and dangers
Relationships — See partners/co-workers in a new light
Health Issues — Discover the root of physical problems
Financial Issues — Find out what past deals or agreements affect this life
Life Purpose — Realize what you are here to be and do
Pain & Depression — Hidden reasons which keep you stuck
Addictions — Past life influences causing addiction

“In my old life (as an anesthesiologist), I used to put people to sleep.
Now I wake them up!”
~Raj Parti, MD

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