Christ Consciousness & Universal Love

Angels cam to me in my NDE

My life was one of success and excess. I had mastered my career as a heart anesthesiologist and a pain management specialist. This career brought me great financial reward and led to a life of financial excess. I had several luxury cars, top of the line clothing, and a house so big that family communication sometimes had to be done with our iphones. 

My materialistic life changed when emergency abdominal surgery led to a profound near-death experience NDE). I wrote about my experience in the bestselling book, Dying to Wake Up. It gave me a rare glimpse into heaven, hell, and previous lives. It also introduced me to the message of Michael and Gabriel, angels who taught me the seven basic truths of life and health and are leading me still to formulating a system of health known as Consciousness Based Healing.

I have studied and taught a variety of holistic health disciplines aimed at self-healing. Each of these methods – from meditation to diet advice – have been suggested and even taught to me by the angels. They guided me through my NDE and have been with me since, providing sound spiritual advice to help those I assist to become the best they can be, both mentally and physically.

Recently I had a visit from the angels and with it and an epiphany and I felt the presence of Jesus: I needed to focus more on spirituality. Not just any kind of spirituality but Christ Consciousness. It was only through the message of universal love and healing through Christ consciousness that my consciousness-based practice would truly be, well, consciousness based. They reminded me of an encounter I’d had with Jesus during my NDE, and what was meant when he said that I had to spread his message of universal love and healing. “From now on your spiritual name will be ‘Michael.’ You are to be strong and brave and help the sick.” 

Visit from an Angel

With that epiphany my next quest has begun, to study Christ Consciousness and bring it into my Consciousness Based Healing practice.

Dr. Raj Parti's Epiphany

“I felt the presence of the Being of Light, the same Being I had encountered during my NDE. This time, however, a Being emerged from the Light, a tall man with a pale-brown complexion. and a beard, wearing a majestic white gown. Most memorable were his deep blue eyes. He was radiating unconditional love. “Who are you?” I asked the Being. “I am Jesus, your savior,” he responded. I bowed immediately and in Indian custom said “Namaste” while touching his feet. He placed his hand over my head and blessed me. He told me it was not my time to leave earth and that I had to go back and spread his message of universal love, of Christ consciousness. We hugged, and he said something that gave me direction: “From now on your spiritual name will be Michael. You are to be strong and brave and help the sick.” With a great suddenness, the ground parted, leaving a deep canyon between us. On one side I stood, and on the other side were Jesus, Naresh, and other Beings of Light”