In 2019, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, increased blood pressure and a fatty liver. I had a choice to continue the same lifestyle and poor eating habits, or change course and lose weight.  I chose the latter, losing 30 lbs. in 6-8 weeks. How did I do that?  Through Conscious Fasting, which grew out of my Consciousness-Based Medicine method, a collection of seven truths given to me during my near death experience.

Dr. Raj Parti Before fasting
Before Fasting
Dr. Raj Parti AFTER
After Fasting

Now I feel great, am full of vigor, and happy!  My labs are normal and I am off medications.

If I can do it… So can you.
Lose weight and reverse course now!

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Basics of Conscious Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss

Principles of Conscious Weight Loss:

Consciousness Healing Life Style Medicine
Intermittent Fasting
Low Carb- Keto diet
Past Life Regress
EFT (Tapping)

Phases of Conscious Fasting Program:

Mind-body-spirit Shift
Detox Phase
Keto Phase
Intermittent Fasting


An Angelic Guide to Weight Loss and Total Health Through Deeper Consciousness and Greater Self-Control.
By Rajiv Parti, MD

One of the most transformative events of Dr. Rajiv Parti’s near-death experiences was the “near-death manifesto,” seven basic truths given to him by two archangels aimed at making him a consciousness-based healer. The seven points left him in awe and confusion. How was he to interpret them, he wondered. He asked the angels but their answer only left him puzzled. “You have been humbled by pain so you have the knowledge,” one said to him. “But you must teach yourself, all people must teach themselves. Finding your own knowledge inside you is the best way to learn.”

Dr. Parti’s desire to become a consciousness-based healer led him to find the common elements behind a list of society’s most common and damaging illnesses, including depression, drug and alcohol addiction, smoking, stress, loneliness, and binge eating.

Of all these conditions and diseases, the common thread among them was binge eating, perhaps the most powerful of all diseases of lifestyle. Could overeating truly be the most dangerous health behavior of all? Is that the knowledge he was expected to find in the seven basic truths? The answer came to Dr. Parti In the midst of his annual physical where it was revealed to him that he was 30 pound overweight. How had this happened? He wondered. And more importantly, what could he do about it?

With the goal of super health in mind, Dr. Parti read once again the cryptic messages left to him by the angels and this time he found their true meaning and a pathway to deeper consciousness and greater self-control.

This book, Dying To Wake Up, is a guide to spiritual and physical health, a crash course in understanding the spiritual method of mental and physical health known as consciousness-based healing. The National Institutes of Health estimate that six out of 10 diseases are diseases of lifestyle, ones that can be gotten rid of by following techniques provided in this book, ones that can lead to cure for each and every one of those diseases.

EFT (Tapping) – Emotional Freedom Technique

In my limited practice as Fasting-weight loss coaching. I have found that there is no depth to just Fasting. Everyone seems to have deeper issues to deal with. Weight is just a symptom of deeper issues and fasting is just a band-aid. Here is where Energy Psychology and EFT(emotional freedom techniques) also called Tapping come in to help resolve the deeper issues.

Everybody knows to lose weight we have to eat less/fast and exercise. But why don’t people do it? Because there are deeper issues like depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, and more.  As in the case of sexual trauma, especially in women,  weight provides  protection from sexual advance, abuse, etc. So the hurdle of emotional trama also needs to be addressed while loosing weight. 

Similarly, why do people have food addictions and cravings?  I experienced it myself often. It’s not just a question of will power. It goes deeper than that.  EFT (Tapping can help with this).  Read my blog post on the Benefits of EFT for Weight Loss.  I am also trained in  hypnosis, NLP, meditation, & past life regression which can benefit my clients to help loose weight.