Benefits of Using NLP to Promote Weight Loss

Benefits of Using NLP to Promote Weight Loss
  • Post published:April 22, 2021
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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Weight Loss Here are All The Benefits

It’s normal for human beings to seek alternative solutions to issues when they can’t attain the kind of results that they aspire to. In weight loss, it’s common for you to look for alternative plans that will help you drop those pounds, it’s the natural thing to do. In Neuro-Linguistic Programing for weight loss, professionals believe that human beings have three elements at play in each experience one goes through.

These are:

  • The communication you have with yourself and others
  • Your neurological system and
  • The internal programming that correlates how you view life

These three elements can be manipulated to be able to give you better results in your weight loss activities as well as life in general.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

This is a method of altering a person’s manner of thinking and behavior in order to obtain desired outcomes. It focuses on your perception, communication and behavior to effect change in your weight loss plan.

How Does NLP for Weight Loss Work?

Psychologists found that this method is most effective in helping people understand their own thought process that leads to certain behaviors, puts them in certain specific moods and stirs certain emotions in them. NLP for weight loss is designed to help people find better ways of re-programming their thought process for more positive and successful behavior as regards to food, eating habits and exercising.

NLP also refers individuals to their past wins and guides them through identifying the steps that led to previous success, it’s all about drawing the best out of an individual for their optimum self. This involves changing your values, attitudes and beliefs that negatively shape your life. For example, if you’re a negative person, you’ll less likely see anything good about your life. But if you have a positive eye, you’ll appreciate your little wins more.

And an important factor to consider is that most of this is unconscious, most people are not cognizant of these thoughts and attitude patterns.

How NLP Will Help Promote Your Weight Loss Journey

In respect to weight loss, NLP alters how your brain reacts to different foods, and how your brain works when you get emotional. Individuals can engage in emotional easting to feel better, such habits may be unconscious and may be rooted way back in childhood. Emotional hunger, meaning a yearning for something other than food can lead you to eating, but this is where NLP comes in, it helps you identify these unhealthy thought processes and helps you learn how to avoid satisfying such triggers with food. Over time, you will pick up the right action for the right feeling and end up being more effective in your weight loss process.

NLP can adjust the following;


The Benefits of Using NLP To Promote Weight Loss

NLP will help you establish new pathways for your thought process, and the more you intentionally use these pathways, the more you reinforce them, eventually they will become your way of life.

1. NLP Helps Anchor You

When working with a professional practitioner, they will help you understand your reactions to various foods and work outs as well as diets, you will know the methods that are working and the ones that aren’t. This will anchor you in focusing on specific positive attitudes, feelings and behavior that will enhance your overall weight loss goal. For example, if you find physical work a herculean task, your attitudes can be modified to focusing on the positive results you will get rather than on the pains, this will motivate you to enjoy the experience altogether. Anchoring will help you attain your weight loss goals.

2. NLP Helps Enjoy Healthy Habits

Weight loss activities are often not so fun. Think about it,  fasting, low carb diets, consistent physical work outs and absolute discipline in everything you put in your mouth, these are not easy. But NLP will help you visualize the end result, the body goal that you’re aspiring to have, the activities that you will be able to do with a slimmer body and so on. When you’re able to put your eyes on the prize, the process becomes easier and soon you will develop more healthy habits with much more ease. And indeed, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3. NLP Helps Lose Excess Weight

An ice-cream that melts in your mouth while bursting all its flavors is hard to resist, even when you’re full to the brim. These are the simple ways that weight gain happens, but NLP helps you control your eating habits. It will help you see the negative side of sweet tasty junk or unhealthy foods, this will alter how you perceive a kind of sweetness that leads to obesity and this will make it easy for you to stay away from it.

NLP for weight loss will also teach you how to be cognizant of emotional eating, the Neural-Linguistic Programming will instill you with techniques to help you develop the kind of mental change that will be able to resist negative views that lead to stress and anxiety and the subsequent ability to manage the triggers when you feel them. Eventually, you will develop a healthy habit that will help you lose weight.

4. NLP Lowers Anxiety

Anxiety is an enemy of weight loss because besides being a health threat by itself, it can lead to insomnia, lower your immune system and even raise blood pressure.

As seen above, NLP boosts mind power, in fact, some professionals call NLP “mind fitness” because of how it trains your mind to relax and clear mental pressure. You will learn deep calming and relaxation techniques by modifying your internal dialogue. When you encounter frustrations or disappointments, you will learn how to positively seek out answers as you develop other strategies to improve your weight loss journey or life in general. This will lead to less anxiety and a happier healthier life.

5. NLP Will Help You Recover From Unhealthy Habits

Through consistently training your mind to drop the poor eating habits, you’ll gradually find yourself adapting to new healthier eating habits. You’ll naturally be attracted to more health-centric options such as exercising and avoiding the junk foods. After all, NLP is a natural mental process that has no adverse side effects. You can therefore train in these techniques until you become the person you’d love to be.


With the help of a professional NLP practitioner, you can be aware of your unconscious thought patterns that could be pulling your weight loss efforts down. With this information, you will be able to avoid self-sabotage and instead learn new healthy habits such as how to enjoy a nutritious healthy meal.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can promote weight loss through an intentional mind transformation that will lead to a happier, healthier and lighter you.