Benefits of EFT (Tapping) to Control Food Cravings to Promote Weight Loss

Benefits of EFT (Tapping) to Control Food Cravings to Promote Weight Loss

Tapping For Weight Loss- What Are The Benefits of EFT

You may think that you have heard it all when it comes to weight loss approaches, but have you heard of the combination of ancient Eastern healing techniques fused with today’s science in psychology to create a method that helps you alleviate stress and anxiety and thereby boosting your mood which eventually aids in weight loss?  It’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or basically tapping for weight loss.

While creating your weight loss plan it’s important to consider background issues and determine what could be causing weight gain. There are people that eat more when they’re anxious or stressed and this makes losing weight almost impossible. Tapping for weight loss closes the gap between your body and mind by offering relief for stress and anxiety which eventually stops cravings and emotional eating.

What is EFT Tapping?

This is a treatment used for anxiety; stress and even depression where acupressure points also known as tapping points are used to treat emotional distress as well as physical pain, through focusing on meridian points. Finger tips are used to stimulate energy hot spots in the body.

Meridian points are likened to acupressure points which are generally a network of energy hot spots that can be used to restore your energy balance.

How Tapping For Weight Loss Works

As indicated above, tapping for weight loss focuses on meridians, the energy channels. Negative emotions such as stress or anxiety are said to block the flow of energy, therefore tapping on these points releases the negative emotions and thereby unlocks energy flow. This leaves a person feeling more positive and is likely to be able to control their eating.

Research has shown that people who applied tapping for weight loss recorded significant improvement in dealing with food cravings, craving restraint and coping with subjective power of food. This is linked to access to the part of the brain that regulates fear, stress and anxiety, the amygdala. EFT tapping may lower your cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone that’s linked to emotional eating patterns. When cortisol is lowered, one is able to control appetite and binge eating.

This is great for emotional and binge eaters because EFT for weight loss will help you curb your unhealthy appetite and eating habits.

If you have been dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, studies have shown that EFT combined with cognitive behavioral therapy can be used in the treatment of these difficult emotions and has been found to reduce them significantly, calm and relaxation has been reported there after. It has also been found to improve blood pressure as well as heart rate. These studies showed that EFT for weight loss was found to be a better treatment for depression that can lead to emotional eating, than any other standard method.

What Are The Benefits of EFT in Controlling Cravings That Promote Weight Loss?

Relieves Stress

It’s obvious, making wise and healthy food choices when stressed up is almost impossible. Tapping will help you be relieved of stress through the lowering of the cortisol hormone, as indicated above. Your mood will improve and you can experience this within an hour of starting the therapy. With lifted moods, you will be able to control emotional eating habits and thereby keep your weight loss program in check.

Relieves Anxiety

As studies continue to show, researchers have found that emotional freedom technique has proven to be effective in treating anxiety. Researchers even compared EFT to CBT and the results were very clear, 90% of the patients that used EFT reported improvement compared to 63% that used CBT. It also indicated that only 3 tapping sessions were needed to reduce anxiety while up to 15 sessions were required for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to report improvements. Finally, 78% of people reported complete relief from anxiety after EFT therapy sessions compared to 69% of CBT. This proves the benefit of tapping therapy in treating anxiety that might lead to over eating.

Relieves Pain

More studies have shown that EFT tapping can benefit people suffering from chronic pain. And this is important because there several studies that have shown the association between chronic pain and obesity. For instance this study  indicated that pain contributed to factors such as mood disturbance, poor sleep and even biomechanical changes. What all these factors do is affect your lifestyle, how you eat and so forth. This leads to weight gain. But the good news is that tapping for weight loss has been proven to treat even physical pains such as those linked with fibromyalgia, tension headaches, pulmonary injuries, chronic pains, chemotherapy side effects and so on.

Overall Weight Loss Gains

Tapping for weight loss can be a healthy practice to add to your lifestyle because all it offers are great health benefits. You do not need to experience chronic pain, anxieties or depression to practice EFT therapy for weight loss, it can be your frequent reminder to keep you feeling good and your moods high. What this will do is to enhance better eating habits, you will learn to take control of food cravings that have been holding you back. Other people make use of tapping affirmations for weight loss, so when the craving tempts them to go for a juicy burger, they can touch the identified pressure points while saying the affirmations that can help them refocus.


What are The EFT Tapping Pressure Points for Weight Loss?

Distinct tapping pressure points can be identified as certain “landmarks” on the body and are characterized like “holes” in the skin where energy flows. The acupoints can found using electro dermal measurements and are said to give a deep and dull aching feeling during the stimulation.

Studies show that when identifying the pressure points, professionals first examine the symptoms of the person to be able to know the meridians that are involved in that particular symptom. For this reason, you must ensure to get a certified professional to help you with the right pressure points for effective weight loss tapping.

The most common nine acupoints include:

  • Above the head
  • Above the eye brows
  • The side of the eye
  • The bone under the eye
  • In between your lips and the nose
  • Between your lower lip and the chin
  • Under your collar bone
  • Under our arm
  • The side of your arm


Precautions or Side Effects in Tapping for Weight Loss

There are no recorded side effects of this natural alternative method of relieving pressure for well-ness; however, it may not completely heal acute depression or PTSD. A mental health profession may be more effective in resolving the underlying issues of PTSD and thereafter EFT can be used to maintain high energy and calmness.

Take Home

EFT tapping for weight loss is effective especially when used along other weight loss activities such as mindful eating and physical work out. It works by relieving the stress, anxiety and depression that might be holding you back through emotional eating and binge eating.

Studies have proven its efficacy in weight loss; get a certified EFT professional to get you started.