What is Conscious Intermittent Fasting?

What is Conscious Intermittent Fasting?

Conscious Intermittent Fasting

Conscious Intermittent Fasting is an aspect of the Consciousness-Based Medicine methodology developed by Dr. Raj Parti after his near-death experience. (Read more about this at the end of this article). In 2019, Dr. Raj was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and a fatty liver. By applying Consciousness-Based Medicine methods to Intermittent Fasting and weight loss management he lost 30 pounds in 6 – 8 weeks. Plus, his lab results have returned to normal.

In Conscious Intermittent Fasting, “Weight Loss” is not just the desire to weigh less. It is the goal of achieving your optimum state of health with mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. In a state of optimum health, the body’s natural systems for eliminating toxins, waste, and excess fat are balanced and working at their top ability.  Achieving this creates a natural weight level that reduces fat to healthy amounts. For most people this means a significant reduction in their weight.

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Conscious Fasting takes a holistic approach to weight reduction by nurturing a balance in awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and the body’s needs. This awareness is known as the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Research shows that a person’s state of mind and emotional health have a great effect on their physical health, healing, strength, and stamina. Stress, anxiety, and depression, all have suppressive and restrictive effects on the nervous and immune systems. This is why Conscious Fasting weight reduction treats the Mind-Body-Spirit connection with the utmost care and attention. To fully benefit from Conscious Fasting we must attend to our emotional state, mental stress and focus, and the body’s natural process for cleansing, and healing. Plus, we need to reduce fat to reach optimum health and body-weight.


Your Mind and Weight Loss

Everyone who has attempted to reduce their weight and body fat runs into the challenge of maintaining their health regime over the long haul until their goal is reached. The body can respond quickly shedding pounds of excess weight in a relatively short amount of time. However, to keep those pounds off it takes consistency and perseverance with healthy choices while maintaining a positive perspective over time.

One very important key to success with Conscious Intermittent Fasting is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be completely present and aware of what is happening both internally (feelings, thoughts, and emotions) and externally with your surroundings (sounds, scents, people, and place happenings) in a calm non-reactive, or overwhelmed state. In Conscious Fasting to reduce weight, mindfulness plays the important role of preventing unconscious reactions, addictions, or cravings from blocking your progress.

The Conscious Fasting for weight loss health regime includes several ways where mindfulness is cultivated. This provides a master key that unlocks any blocks or hindrances that keep you from your weight goal. In personalized Conscious Fasting coaching sessions, Dr. Raj guides you in cultivating mindfulness and shares with you key methods that keep you consciously aware so you stay in control, making progress.


Sabotaging Progress:

Anxiety can create obstacles to reaching optimum health. When we’re anxious, we’re distracted with thoughts about what worries us, which limits our ability to be aware of unconscious influences that derail progress to our weight goal. One large influencer coming from the subconscious is food cravings—especially for foods that increase fat retention and negatively affect the healthy function of body systems.

Cravings for unhealthy foods come from deep motives emanating from the subconscious. If we feel insecure the craving is for “comfort food.” This can be a nostalgic emotional connection that harkens back to childhood memories of a time when you felt safe and loved which were often holidays that felt special with traditional meals containing fatty or sugary foods.

Emotional trauma can be another source of food cravings. If there are unresolved trauma wounds, food cravings can be an attempt to provide immediate gratification that distracts from or replaces the trauma feelings coming up.

Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is another source of food cravings. If we’ve fallen into an unhealthy diet that is heavy on sugars, there can be a sugar addiction that triggers unconscious eating throughout the day. These days with the wide-ranging forms of sugar present in almost everything that is processed food, it’s easy to slip into unconsciously feeding a sugar addiction. Soda, sports drinks, fruit juices, and the ubiquitous use of high-fructose corn syrup in processed food all provide ample opportunities that feed sugar cravings.

The more we can stay mindful and aware of what we’re thinking and feeling the more successful we are in reaching optimal health and body weight.

Negative thoughts and emotions arise all the time, the problem becomes serious when we get stuck on these thoughts and emotions and dwell on them. In this state, we’re susceptible to making poor choices that can hinder optimum health and wellbeing. Conscious Fasting coaching teaches you how to let go of negative thoughts and emotions so they don’t derail your progress to successfully reaching your optimum health and weight goal.

Cultivating a Positive Outlook is an essential aspect of achieving optimal health and body weight. In today’s world, there are many detractors to a positive outlook. News and Social Media are places where conflict and trauma are hyped and manipulated to grab attention and viewership. In the face of these influences, it can be a challenge to cultivate a positive outlook. Conscious Fasting coaching and weight reduction program provides tools for cultivating a positive outlook to keep you moving forward and achieving success.

Your Body and Weight Loss

Your body’s cleansing, healing, and eliminating systems provide a natural process that regulates weight and how much fat your body holds onto. Under normal conditions, the body maintains a healthy weight and fat amount.  It’s when we are stressed or unconsciously compensating for emotional trauma or we’re going through tough times that the body’s balance gets upset and out of whack. With the Conscious Fasting weight reduction program, the body returns to and maintains its healthy balance so that you feel healthy and your clothes feel good on you.

Conscious Intermittent Fasting weight loss program will create a new you, one that feels vibrant and healthy, slim and confident—taking you off the never-ending treadmill of dieting. You’ll feel and look beautiful in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

There are three main areas that need your conscious attention to achieve your healthy body weight and fat percentage.

  1. Eating right is essential to reaching your optimum health and weight goal. This includes avoiding certain foods that will add fat and negatively affect your body’s health balance. It also means that you can’t binge eat. Avoid processed, sugar-filled, “fast foods.” For some people this is very difficult to accomplish. However Conscious Fasting weight reduction coaching includes special intermittent fasting processes and additional supportive treatments that will help you stay on track and avoid binge eating.
  2. Exercise is also important to include in your weekly routine. You don’t have to obsessively work out in a gym. Just make sure you are moving your body regularly and taking time a few days a week to maintain good mobility. Walking, biking, stretching, or doing yoga are some examples to incorporate into your exercise regime.
  3. Sleep is perhaps the most important element to make sure you are getting enough of. Without enough sleep, our bodies aren’t able to fully heal, restore, and eliminate toxins and waste from our daily activities. Enough sleep also provides the brain the necessary downtime it needs to let go of stress and recuperate so it can function at optimal levels the next day.

Your Spirituality and Weight Loss

It’s sometimes said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Spirit is an essential aspect of who we are as human beings and without considering its place in our lives we become disheartened and lethargic. Spirituality as a key component to the mind-body-spirit balance for weight reduction. However, Conscious Fasting weight reduction coaching provides ample guidance so you benefit from its vital contribution to your health and wellbeing.

Dealing with stress is a major concern in weight reduction as mentioned before. Here are some ways that spirituality enhances weight reduction.

Meditation and Prayer help us find our calm-centered place within so that we can weather the storms of emotional triggers, stress, and anxiety.

Self-Forgiveness releases personal judgments we carry about our body size and weight.  It also helps to prevent being thrown off by invasive negative thoughts or comments heard from others or on social media.

Spiritual Purpose provides motivation and confidence that all will be OK and that you will reach your goal. Seeing that there is a spiritual purpose that we are fulfilling by achieving our optimum health and weight reduction goals can be a great motivator and inspiration when we feel down or complacent.

Mantra and Affirmation are excellent ways to train the mind to stay focused and pop us out of a rut when there seems to be little progress. There are several mantras and affirmations available with the Conscious Fasting weight loss program. These will help you stay on track and moving forward to reach your weight reduction goal.

These are just some of the areas that Conscious Fasting weight reduction coaching provides guidance and treatments to help you see positive results quickly.

Conscious Fasting Weight Loss — a Complete Package

As a physician and certified therapist and coach in Ayurveda, Tapping/EFT, Self-Compassion/Acceptance, Emotional Intelligence, Past Life Therapy, Keto dieting, Hypnosis, Inner Child Work, Enneagram, and Intermittent Fasting, Dr. Raj is qualified to guide you through the processes that shifts mindset, emotional patterns, and physiological requirements for safe, conscious weight reduction.

Dr. Raj has experienced something that very few people have gone through. Several years ago he had a Near Death Experience where he was dead for several minutes and his consciousness went to the other side where he spoke with angelic beings and saw personal truths that forever changed his awareness—and his life when he returned to the living. This experience continues to inspire Dr. Raj and gives him the clear certainty of someone “who’s been there” regarding the spiritual aspect of living in this human body and relating to other people and solving the challenges that we face on earth.

Maybe, more importantly, Dr. Raj has gone through the Conscious Intermittent Fasting weight reduction program himself and has lost 30 pounds so far. Dr. Raj’s coaching is unique. Very few weight loss coaches have had the personal experience, medical knowledge, spiritual inspiration, and successful client testimonials that he has received.

Is Conscious Fasting weight loss coaching right for you?

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