My Past Life Regression Therapy Experience

By Raj Parti, MD

Growing up as a Hindu in India, we were taught to believe in past and future lives.

The  “Bhagavad Gita” is the thousands of years old  sacred text at the heart of Hinduism.  You can translate the title to mean ‘The Sacred Song’.  In the Gita, the god and avatar Krishna reveals the true nature of being human. In it he admonishes a valiant warrior Arjun for hesitating to fight in battle, mournful as he is at the thought of taking the lives of men, even If they are men who have created suffering and pain for the general detriment of the world.

bhagavad-gitaKrishna is  unswerving  in his  position  to  fight  to  end the  prevalence  of negative forces.  He tells  Arjun that there is a misapprehension of the human condition to imagine that one can ever truly ‘take’ life from another: “He who understands him to be the slayer, and he who takes him to be the slain, both fail to perceive the truth.  He neither slays nor is slain.”

He says  the  truth is  that  within  each Human is  an eternal  Self:   “He  is  never  born,  nor  does  he ever die; nor once having been, does he cease to be.  Unborn, eternal, everlasting, ancient, he is not slain when the body is slain.”

Krishna explains the cycle of the birth and death of the soul  in simple straightforward  terms: “As a man casting off worn-out garments takes other new ones, so the dweller in the body casting off worn-out bodies takes others that are new.”

Ultimately we are to understand:   “Weapons cannot cleave  him, nor fire burn him;  water cannot wet him, nor wind dry him away.”

Celebrated in every aspect of worship and life  In India, this  understanding of the nature of being human was something I grew up with as a boy, a steadfast tenet of my own cultural, social and philosophical world view.

But then, as a young man, I went into medical school  where  I studied a very  body-oriented mechanistic Western medicine system – and I lost all interest in and connection with the concept of soul and of the possibilities of past lives:  these ideas could not be admitted to the business of wellness or healing – they offered nothing relevant or helpful.  As I lost my interest I may also have discarded the scripture in my mind as ancient superstitions that marked an uninformed, beautiful poetic maybe – but offerings from an essentially unenlightened, uneducated period of history and inquiry.

Life went on.  I came to the USA in 1982 and still was agnostic or at least I did not care for anything spiritual.

right handNearly 12 years ago I injured my right hand and it developed into  chronic unrelenting  pain.  As  a pain management practitioner, a senior anesthesiologist, of course I turned in good and whole faith to the various western medicine treatments and protocols that I myself had prescribed to thousands of patients I had cared for over 30 years – including pain medicines, nerve blocks and surgery. To my deep distress, none of these treatments worked.  Not only did my wrist injury remain unhealed, but the pain remained all but insufferable.  There was minimal relief.

There was a comical irony to my situation:  I,  a cardiac  anesthesiologist,  who needed  good use of steady wrists to administer sensitive doses of pain management medications to people in critical conditions, was off work for almost  6 months because of chronic pain in my very  wrist that  pain  management medication was failing to alleviate.

At that  time,  my sister recommended  I read a book by Dr.  Brian Weiss:  “Many Lives, Many  Masters”.  As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from ‘the space between lives,’ which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.

I read the  book and was fascinated.  I had immense  respect  for Dr. Weiss, with his  being a graduate of Columbia and Yale, and being a highly regarded MD like myself. But to be honest, I couldn’t believe what I had read, I put it aside as a fairy tale.

In the  meantime,  I went  to Phoenix for a conference where  Dr.  Weiss happened to be holding  a workshop. It was out of pure curiosity as a non-believer that I signed up for it.  After all, he has an MD behind him, like me – and a very eminent one at that. During the workshop, Dr. Weiss took us into a very deep mediation, where I almost transcended time – in fact I seemed to go back through time.  I remembered two births.

roman soldierIn one of the  births I was a prince in a medieval  times.  I can see  it still, clearly  in my  mind:  I am standing in the castle courtyard, with a hunter in my right hand. There are few soldiers with me. There I am ordering and personally inflicting punishment on poor peasants in brown tattered clothes.  Under Dr. Weiss’s instruction, within that deep meditation, I ask for forgiveness from those peasants for what I have done. They seem to forgive me.

I found the  experience interesting – where  had this  vision  of myself,  this entire other story,  populated with other people and dynamics, set in a different era of time, under a different social system – where had I imagined all this from? How? Why? It had felt very real, but I don’t remember feeling convinced that it therefore was real.

Strangely enough –  something  happened following  the  experience  that  confounded my, my family and my colleagues: from that time onwards, my right wrist pain disappeared – and within a few weeks I went back to work. It seemed unrealistic, impossible that I was able to go back in time and ask for forgiveness!

But since then I have  learned that past life regression therapy is a hugely transformational therapeutic treatment being used by many psychologists all over the world. I have learned that there are studies being conducted at Columbia in New York and other centers of excellence that indicate that there may be a phenomena of past life recall.

Whilst this emerging field still has many questions that have not been definitively answered, since these experiences I have become more open minded to these ‘Soul therapies’.  The bottom line is that after my experience of going back in time and asking forgiveness, I did heal my wrist and I was back at work and pain free after a six month leave of absence!

Within the field of psychology, Past Life Regression Therapy works just like regression therapy: a patient is regressed back to the point in time where the issue they are dealing with in the real world first surfaced for them; at that point in time, just like in regression therapy, in past life regression therapy, the patient is encouraged to experience and deconstruct any submerged, repressed or forgotten memories from this time that might relate to their current issues.

The thinking in all regression therapy – past life or not – is  that in experiencing  these  memories, one can heal forgotten, submerged  or repressed  traumas,  and in doing  so can release  themselves  of the consequences of the trauma that may be presenting in their current lives and difficult issues.

In past life regression therapy, the patient is permitted to travel as far back in time as they  need to – even if that means before their very existence in their current incarnation.  Whether we choose to believe in past lives or not, we can all believe the data that as a therapy it works.

Psychologists  who don’t care to admit to  the  concept of past lives can generally accept the therapy nonetheless – whether the memories are real or imagined, repressed events or projections – doesn’t really matter to them:  what matters is that there is cathartic release for the patient that has lasting positive benefit, and often relief from a chronic condition presenting in their current life.

Personally I am still  wondering exactly how all this works – I have  no explanation for it under my own western medical training – BUT it did work.

The second previous birth I remembered was me standing in a crowd as a  small 8 year-old boy and the Roman soldiers are dragging Jesus our savior for crucifixion.

Over time as I got to know him, I once asked Dr.  Weiss about his past lives.  He too was in that crowd.  Since then I have developed a deeper connection with Jesus. I consider him at par with Hindu Avatars like Rama and of course our beloved Krishna who revealed our Nature in his Sacred Song.

So my friends, if you are having difficulties in life, for physical conditions that won’t clear up, with relationships, perhaps with recurrent stress, anxiety or depression – do give past life regression therapy a try.

I have  heard of a couple who almost went for divorce. They  went  for past  life regression as a last resort – they were unable to figure out why they could not get along, even though they both loved each other with all their hearts.  During the past life regression they resolved an issue from a past life.  And remarkably they stayed together with a new found happiness in their relationship.  Practically speaking they, their kids and their families avoided a nasty divorce between them – and they lived happily together afterwards.

Keep all options open.  If a therapy  works, it works: sometimes, if it’s  non-invasive, and has no negative side effects, we do not have to know exactly how a therapy is working.

Reprinted from 2013-03-18

Examples of Previous Requests from Clients for Past Life Regression Therapy

Dear Sir, I am a strong believer of Regression Therapy because of my father.  He always discusses with me about the past life regression therapy.  I want to do this but don’t know the detail of the contact person who is doing this Regression therapy.  Can you please help me? ~Gitarani Mishra

I’m 33yr old woman and mother of 2 kids.  I was born orphan and later adopted by my late parents when I was a 3 month old baby. Now my parents have died.  I want to know who gave birth to me and what is my real date of birth. Pls help me if i can get these information from regression therapy.  I’m from Mysore, Karnataka, India.  ~Veena Vivek

Sir I am curious to know what I was in my last life and what I would be in my next.  Regards Kenneth Allen  ~Kenneth Allen


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  • Patricia Glenn

    September 6, 2019 at 7:32 am Reply

    Dr. Raj, your book was one of the treasures in my own transformation. NDErs, hundreds of you, have helped me come to peace and genuine joy. I have appreciated your journey. Even w/o knowing you personally, I knew you experienced tremendous changes in your life thru the bits & pieces I read in your book & articles. I will shortly reserve some time with you. We are evacuees from the Paradise fire & still not sure where we are supposed to live. Currently in Redding. Thank you for your life and your honesty.

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